LD-20 3-high Pipe Cold Rolling Mill
  • Introduction
  • Process parameters
  • Mechanical parameters
  • Electric parameter
LD-20 3-high pipe cold rolling mill is improved developed from the LD8-15II pipe cold rolling mill which is designed by original Xi’an Heavy Industries Institute, based on the produce practice and the load evaluation in our factory, according to the application situation and suggestions of users.
Rolling principle of this machine is described briefly as: 3 roller, which is at the angle of 120° with each other on the cross section in rolling direction, roll reciprocally along the sliding tables of 3 working faces those are of certain curve shapes. By doing this, the rolling grooves will be changed and it could finish rolling the pipe billet between the pushing head and the roller. The billet is charged further by the interval turning feed which synchronizes with the reciprocal movement. After all of these finish, a complete rolling course finishes.
Finished pipes rolled by this machine are of high precision, nice surface quality and improved mechanical performances. They are fit for being produced into various steel pipes, non-ferrous pipes and alloy pipes with high precision, high strength and thin pipe wall, including briefly 20, 45, 30CrMnSiA, 1Cr18Ni9Ti etc.
SN Name Quantity Unit Remarks

Outside diameter of pipe billet

Φ9-φ22 mm  

Wall thickness of pipe billet

<1.8 mm  

Max. length of pipe billet

4 m  

Min. length of pipe billet

2 m  

Outside diameter of finished pipe

Φ8-φ20 mm  

Wall thickness of finished pipe

0.2-1.5 mm  

Length of finished pipe

≤8 m  

Elongation coefficient


Mechanical performance of the pipe rolled

δb=120 Kg/mm2
SN Name Quantity Unit
1 Roller quantity 3  
2 Stroke length of the trolley of rolling mill 415 mm
3 Stroke times of the trolley of rolling mill 65-100 次/分
4 Stroke times for the rolling mill trolley to start rolling 25 次/分
5 Feeding quantity of pipe billets 1.65;2.08;2.88;4.07;
6 Turning angle of pipe billet 52
7 Quick return velocity of pipe billet the round metal plate on the top 8.6 m/min
8 Length of connecting rod 1300 mm
9 Eccentric diameter of the eccentric gear 203 mm
10 Distance between rolling center line and eccentric gear center line 275 mm
SN Parameter Quantity Unit
1 Main transmit motor
Model Z2-71
Power 17KW
Rotate speed n=1500
2 Quick return motor of pipe billet the round metal plate on the top
Model Y112M-6
Power N=2.2KW
Rotate speed n=940
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